Habitat and History


I can tell you exactly when my fanaticism for blue jeans started.

Back in high school I got involved in the local Habitat for Humanity on the weekends. They needed all the volunteer help they could get, so I found myself out on the site every Saturday, joined by whichever friends were interested that week.

If you haven’t spent a day at Habitat before, the type of work you might end up doing varies week to week. We’d dig foundations, pour concrete, assemble walls, you name it.

I only had one pair of jeans to sacrifice to this kind of punishment, so they became a testimony to my Saturday activity.

One Saturday evening as I came home, my jeans would tell you we painted siding that day – paint stains speak for themselves.

Another weekend, we shoveled mud after a heavy rain.

On this weekend we must have laid down grass for a new lawn.

Another, and we were on the roof nailing shingles, clear as day from the knee scuffs and discoloring.

At the end of a Habitat season, those jeans were an illustrated history of all the fun I’d had rolling up my sleeves and getting messy that year.

Fast forward to today, and one might understand why I’m much more “fascinated” in jeans with a story to tell than brand new ones. Interestingly enough, that’s exactly how I got into raw denim, but that’s one for another day …

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  1. What great and fun memories of your time at Habitat! Makes perfect sense now why you are so much into jeans that are different, jeans that tell a story! Love it! Does the original pair of “Habitat jeans” still exist?

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